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Brands are a reflection of how a company, its products, services and people interact with the world at large. How they make people think, act and feel. As brand consultants, we help clients discover how their brands are perceived and how they need to think and behave so they can deliver an experience that is mutually rewarding for the brand an all that come into contact with it We develop these thoughts and feelings into the right symbols, signs, graphics and behaviours that personify and uniquely characterise the brand in the eyes of all its stakeholders.

Our significant global experience and know-how enables us to enhance your brand at every touch point. We believe that every time a person interacts with it they should receive the same unique experience.
We bring you consistency across your entire brand estate and a competitive edge that reflects on your bottom line. With shifting market forces, every brand's universe changes over time. We are here to help maintain the alignment of your brand to its stakeholders' current needs – keeping its appeal current, relevant, and delivering the right result every step of the way.

Strategic brand development

Our role at Creative Intelligence is to add value by driving opportunity, establishing increased loyalty and enhancing reputation. Ultimately, the performance of our input can be measured by its impact on your goodwill and bottom line.

Creative brand shaping

We provide more than a superficial view. Our focus is on establishing touch points through which your brand can deliver a consistently distinctive and inspiring user experience.

Our extensive armoury of investigative, analytical, creative and activation skills guide our clients and the development of their brands in the right direction. With our insight, know-how and inspiration you can confidently make the right decisions throughout your entire brand lifecycle.

Tactical planning

Strategy is the 'what' of the business - what needs to be achieved. But it leaves the tactical 'how-to' process for management and staff to define. Using our resources and expertise, we help brand managers and their teams to concentrate on their tactical planning and execution – and to fully leverage the power of their brand.


All brands are about people. The successful ones embody and promote a unique blend of emotional and physical elements that positively influence the behaviours of their customers. We use sophisticated behaviour management techniques, coupled with constant and consistent use of sensory cues, to shape the way people interact with your organisation and brand.


Most brands rely on a significant human input in their delivery. To perform at their best, your management and staff need to be fully conversant with the key elements of the brand of which they are an integral part. This varies from collective immersion in brand vision, to simple familiarity with the rules of personality. This takes time and skill. Our consultants are expert in helping staff learn the balance between the consistent use of a visual toolkit, through to quite detailed training in interacting with people – internally and externally. The key is in mixing rigid rules of interaction with free expression.


Senior management often interacts with many external influencers who connect with their brand. This may include press and TV, banks, shareholders or politicians. We provide executive mentoring and training to make sure your core brand messages are continually reinforced while projecting the your own personality.


Everyone familiar with the concept of brands knows about logos and colour schemes. These are two key forms of symbolism that help influence the way people think and feel about a brand, and are used to establish and maintain empathy.

But good brand development needs so much more. It's all about consistency and continuity and involves creating a signature style by placing symbols in familiar and constant places - or using consistent and appropriate formats in marketing materials as well as maintaining a coordinated look and feel in diverse environments - shop premises, signage and a great deal more.

Our innovation and design ability is second to none. We provide not just the symbols and instructions for their best use but also work with you to spread understanding and ensure the rules are followed rigorously.

Message development

Words are a special kind of symbolism – it's not just what you say but how you say it. Words carry many levels of meaning and when used in the right way are very powerful in conveying the right messages and tone to the right audiences. We help you speak in the most appropriate tone of voice for your brand – in multiple languages if necessary. There is a unique dictionary of words and expressions that need frequent repetition, which customers and clients remember and associate with your brand experience. Developing these is a special skill and we can guide you on how to best express your brand.


It is critical that not only your staff and management are fully on board and empowered - but they are also committed to ensuring everyone adheres to the right vocabulary and follows the same message. Our involvement ranges from basic brand induction training on 'saying the right thing' to full-blown press training for senior people who need to face sometimes hostile interlocutors. Whatever the circumstances, we will help you to keep delivering consistent messages throughout your organisation and across your brand estate.


Successful brands constantly interact with their followers and users through multiple channels. We work with you and your staff to make sure the most appropriate and effective avenues are used, your messages are cohesive, accurate and the design and execution of all your communications and materials are consistent to your brand standards.


  • Behaviour
  • Design
  • Semiotics


  • Conceptualisation
  • Branding strategy
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  • Marketing strategy
  • Messaging
  • Naming
  • Online strategy
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